Save Loads of Money!

Amazing PrePay Deals for the rest of the season!

Many other snow removal companies have prepay, and sometimes it turns out to be a really great money saving option, provided we get hammered with snow. When you sign up for a prepay deal, you’re usually making a gamble, hoping that we get more snow than the plow guy thinks we will. There’s nothing unfair about that scenario, as the Snow Removal company is also taking a risk, hoping that we don’t get hammered with snow and ends up doing the plowing for a really low price.

Gentle Touch, on the other hand, is currently offering an incredibly safe and economical option for prepaying. For the remainder of the 2013/2014 season, we are only charging 10 times the base rate. So if we quote you a base price of $40 to clear up to 6″ of snow from your driveway and walkway, it will only cost you $400 to have unlimited snow removal for the rest of this winter season!

Now here’s the really amazing part: If we get a lot less snow than expected, and we end up only providing let’s say, $250 worth of snow removal, we will credit the remaining $150 towards a prepay plan for next season. Either way, you don’t lose money! If we get a ton of snow for the rest of this year, you get really cheap snow removal. If we get very little snow, you end up ahead for next year’s snow removal costs. Its a Win-Win!

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