Gentle Touch Snow Removal is an owner operated company located in the heart of West Brattleboro, VT. It is run by husband and wife team, Alex & Brittany Lacey. They’re the same people that operate Infinity Cleaning, a well respected home and commercial service company that specializes in window washing.

Gentle Touch was established the winter of 2013, though their experience in snow elimination goes back much farther. Alex started helping in his father’s company when he was still a kid, gaining valuable experience in snow and ice removal, window cleaning, and home and office cleaning.

Both Alex and Brittany enjoy the winter season very much, and are comfortable working in all kinds of weather. When they’re not out saving the day by clearing driveways and walkways for their customers, you might see them on the slopes of Berkshire East, or out for a hike in the snowy woods.

Feel free to give them a call if you’re in need of snow or ice removal: (802) 451-0035

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