No Plows!

Why wouldn’t we want to use plows? Because we understand that plow trucks are the “quick and dirty” approach to residential snow removal. Plows have their place in the industry; its obvious that there is no better way to remove the white fluffy stuff from roads, parking lots, and long driveways. But we don’t think they belong in your small driveway, where they can do more harm than good. Think about some of the shortcomings of plow trucks:

  • They can cause damage to your property. Stonework, landscaping, garage doors, and other areas of your property are all at risk when a tired or distracted operator brings their plow into your driveway.
  • They’re messy. Large, unsightly mounds of snow are left around your home, often requiring additional work to clear out pathways and garages. Not to mention, at many homes, their simply isn’t a suitable place to push the snow!
  • They can’t clear pathways. Even if a driver manages to avoid blockading your pathways, you’ll still have the pathway, steps, deck, etc to clear. To have a plow guy clear these other areas, you’ll end up spending quite a bit more.
  • They present a risk to other drivers. Plow drivers often need to back out onto the road repeatedly in order to clear a single driveway. Even with their lights flashing, other drivers might not see them in time… CRUNCH!
  • For the majority of driveways, they’re simply overkill! As one person put it, its “like opening a jelly jar with a bazooka”.

Our methods negate all of the above risks. Our powerful, single stage snow blowers use rubber paddles that are safe on all types of surfaces, even decks. We can clear the snow from your driveway, as well as walkways, patios, decks, and pathways all for one affordable fee. Call us now for a free quote: (802) 451-0035

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